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Considering the amount of energy that Mackenzie puts into country music, it's rather surprising that she is a relatively new country music fan. She grew up listening to the music influences of her parents' generation, including rock and roll legends such as The Rolling Stones, Simon & Garfunkel and Billy Joel. As a young violinist, Mackenzie quickly took on the "fiddle" aspect of learning the violin. It began with bluegrass that then led to folk that then led to country. Mackenzie has since then performed with a number of country groups in both the Detroit and Nashville music scene…and she is now a country music fan, appreciating the values, the loyal fans, and the frequently featured fiddle.

Currently, Mackenzie enjoys playing with three different country groups. Each band has a different take on country, one focusing on traditional country, another on Americana, and the third kicking back to ole time bluegrass.

Country Sampler

Scott Thompson Band

Scott Thompson Band Logo Scott Thompson Band

Mackenzie's calendar is full of shows with the Scott Thompson Band, which prides itself for playing "Country: The Way It Should Be." Lead singer and guitarist Scott Thompson has true country roots and maintains his family's third generation farm in Southern Michigan. Scott's true appreciation for country music bleeds into the sound of the group. The band showcases two important elements in country music – the fiddle and the pedal steel guitar. Mackenzie is a featured member of the group on fiddle and vocals.

The Scott Thompson Band travels all over the Mid-West, playing premier venues and country fairs and festivals. The band's unique approach and song selection is sure to please country fans of all types.

The group has an exciting year ahead and will be sharing stages with national acts such as Toby Keith, Justin Moore, Josh Thompson and more.

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The Flutter & Wow

The Flutter and Wow logo The Flutter & Wow

Alt-Americana Direct from the Rustbelt

The result of a reluctant, but serendipitous collaboration between the husband and wife songwriting team of Tasha and Brian Lord. When the gravitational pull of their musical chemistry won out, the live band was established in March 2011. In the vein of Buddy and Julie Miller, the couple do not often share the stage, but the band line-up led by Tasha Lord is completed with a showcase of Michigan's finest and the music and chemistry are unmistakable.

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Devil's Dream

Devil's Dream Photo

In 2004, Bert Stein picked up playing the fiddle again after a 45-year hiatus and connected with Ryan Blankenship, a guitar player, through an online bluegrass forum. Bert and Ryan frequently played together as a duo. Mackenzie met Bert in October of 2009 while he was playing fiddle music at a cider mill. They had a quick connection through common interests, especially after Mackenzie requested to hear her favorite fiddle tune, "Devil's Dream". She joined the group shortly after. The resulting twin-fiddle/guitar trio was named "Devil's Dream" to reflect the way the trio started.

Although Bert had never planned to compose music, a tune of his own came into his mind fully formed when he was walking through his hometown in late 2010. The composition of the first tune sparked a previously unknown talent and Bert has composed over 3,000 tunes since.

Bert published 40 of his jigs, reels, and waltzes in a book entitled "Tunes from the Woods" in 2012. After playing the tunes at jams and gigs, he decided to record an album with Mackenzie and Ryan. The album was recorded and produced by David Mosher at "By the Lake Studio" in Brighton, MI. David also contributed parts as a special guest for this CD on the mandolin, guitar, concertina, fiddle, and upright bass.

Devil's Dream is proud and excited to present their debut album, "Tunes from the Woods". The CD consists of 32 original lively jigs, reels, and waltzes, that were all composed by Talbert Stein. The tunes are in the Celtic and bluegrass veins and are enhanced by a rich blend of twin fiddle melody and harmony with backup by guitar and the other instruments (as mentioned above). Some of the tunes have noticeable blues, Klezmer, and classical influences.

Tunes from the Woods
Tunes from the Woods

Tunes from the Woods (2013) Devil’s Dream

Thirty two original lively jigs, reels, and waltzes in the Celtic, bluegrass veins, with some blues, Klezmer, and classical elements, enhanced by rich twin-fiddle melody and harmony backed by guitar, mandolin, upright bass, concertina, and a third fiddle.

play Cuckoo Clock's Lament / Tune Catcher's Blues play Clogging On the Cobblestones / Bouncing Off the Floor play Jessica Anne's Reel / Going By Train play Dream On Lainy play Jig for Josh / As Ye Sow play In a Pickle / Devil's in the Details play Time's Running Short / Ryan's Reel play Mackenzie's Golden Fiddle play Busting Down the Gates / Playing At Goldfish play Just Bobbin Along / Reap What You Sew play Raccoons in the Chimney / Not Taking the Bait play Woman of Many Glasses / Kindred Spirits play Hanging On Life's Edge / Remembrance play Climbing Sleeping Bear / Bobcat in the Bushes play Quandary / Rantipoles On the Loose play Piecing Things Together / Cure's Worse Than the Illness play Naked Truth / Whiskey Spring

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